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Administrator Password Reset

If an administrator password has been lost or forgotten, another administrator can still login to certdog and reset the password

However, if no administrators are able to login then their password may be reset by following the instructions below


This process requires access to the host machine where the database is running

You must also have the database administrator password. This is the password that would have been set during the installation step Database User Admin Account Setup. The username for this account is certmanadmin

If you have also lost this password and you have a support agreement in place, contact support


Create the hashed password by navigating to:

[certdog install]\install\bin

Run the following command, where [password] is the new password to be set for the account:

java -jar SetDatabasePassword-1.0.jar h [password]

This will output the hashed version of the password:


Copy this value e.g. copy and paste into a text document for the time being, as we will need it in the steps below

Next, navigate to:

[certdog install]\mongodb\bin

And start the database shell by typing:

.\mongo.exe -tls

Note: For the free version the -tls may not be required

If this fails, try running the following:

.\mongo.exe -tls -tlsAllowInvalidCertificates

Now we authenticate against the admin database:

use admin

Enter the password for the certmanadmin user

Next, we change to the certman database and locate the account we want to reset the password for. In the example below we are searching for the user whose username is admin

use certman

You can skip this step - but this will confirm the account is present

Now we will update the password for this user by providing the hashed password from above in the following command:

db.users.updateOne({username:"admin"}, {$set:{ enabled:true, nextAllowedLogonTime:NumberLong(0), password:"$2a$10$rPSQZhmM2wlTA6Ke29I85e14Q7GgXDX8iq2DNoDLI2GcqsbwcITVq"}})

Exit from the shell by typing exit

You should now be able to login using the new password

Complete Output

C:\certdog\install\bin>java -jar SetDatabasePassword-1.0.jar h Password1234!!

C:\certdog\install\bin>cd ..\..\mongodb\bin

MongoDB shell version v4.4.1
connecting to: mongodb://
Implicit session: session { "id" : UUID("efc2c2a9-7cc8-47af-9fd9-343921ecf7ce") }
MongoDB server version: 4.4.1
replocal:PRIMARY> use admin
switched to db admin
replocal:PRIMARY> db.auth("certmanadmin")
Enter password:
replocal:PRIMARY> use certman
switched to db certman
replocal:PRIMARY> db.users.find({username:"admin"})
{ "_id" : ObjectId("6221f83e1e2f9ad7dd70cf56"), "email" : "", "username" : "admin", "password" : "$2a$10$VEsIyJlN5MiZoXLsEe7GEesJuRDD9YhmymmKlERAq778mZaq5JOuG", "group" : "ADMIN", "enabled" : true, "teamsIds" : [ "6221f840876a2b78f10dd5c7" ], "numFailedLoginAttempts" : 0, "userMessage" : "Account access has been delayed as there were too many failed login attempts", "nextAllowedLogonTime" : NumberLong(0), "_class" : "com.krestfield.pki.certman.model.users.CertManUser" }
replocal:PRIMARY> db.users.updateOne({username:"admin"}, {$set:{ enabled:true, nextAllowedLogonTime:NumberLong(0), password:"$2a$10$qWAWK96LjEXsftZDsQ4DdOXe3deZNfsV645OuyI2utC7d01UId6nC"}})
{ "acknowledged" : true, "matchedCount" : 1, "modifiedCount" : 1 }
replocal:PRIMARY> exit