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Uninstalling Certdog (Windows)

The following steps outline the steps required to completely uninstall Certdog from a windows environment

If a reset is required (to remove all data and revert to a blank state e.g. if the admin password were lost). Simply, run reset-db.ps1

  1. Open the Windows Services snapin and stop the following services:

    1. Krestfield CertDog Service

    2. Krestfield Certdog Database

    3. Krestfield Adcs Driver (if present)

  2. Click Start and type Apps and Features and select Apps and Features system settings

  3. Search for certdog and uninstall the following

    1. Certdog Service
    2. Certdog ADCS Driver (if present)
  4. Open a PowerShell window as Administrator and navigate to the .\install folder within the certdog installation. Run:


  5. Finally, to remove all files, simply delete the folder where the original files were unzipped e.g. c:\certdog

    If this fails due to a file being in use, it may be that the CertDog Service was uninstalled before stopping, leaving a java process running

    If this happens. from the PowerShell window, navigate to the .\bin folder within the certdog installation and run:


    Then re-attempt the folder deletion