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Change Listening IP Address

This document details how to configure the application so that the UI and API are accessible on either a specific IP address or all available IP addresses

  1. Open the following file


  2. Navigate to the section starting <Connector port="443", this section may look like the following

        <Connector port="443"
    	   	   scheme="https" secure="true"
               SSLEnabled="true" clientAuth="false"
               keystorePass="*somepassword*" keystoreType="PKCS12"/>
  3. Locate the address="" section and change the IP to a specific IP address (e.g. or set it to if you want the application to listen on all IP addresses

  4. Save the server.xml file

  5. Restart the application by either restarting the Krestfield Certdog Service or running the following scripts:

    [Install Location]\bin\stop-tomcat.ps1

    [Install Location]\bin\start-tomcat.ps1