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EzSign: Custom PKCS11 Templates

From version: 4.2.1

EsSign supports the PKCS#11 interface for a variety of HSMs

However, there are occasions where the PKCS#11 interface for an HSM vendor requires something slightly different to the default implementations. EzSign can support this via Custom Templates

To support a custom template a single class jar-file must be produced which will implement the various PKCS#11 templates required for the specific HSM

Krestfield support can either develop this on your behalf or provide details on how this can be implemented. The process is fairly straightforward for anyone with a basic understanding of Java and only requires the implementation of a single file (e.g. - although the file can be named anything you wish)

Once this file has been compiled and packaged, the resulting jar file (e.g. CustomHsm.jar) must then be placed in the [EzSignInstall]]\EzSignServer\lib folder of the EzSign installation

To use this custom version the following properties from the server configuration file must then be updated:

The model must be set to Custom e.g.


The class-name must be specified in the customTemplateClass property e.g.


Note: The name to provide here is the class name without any extensions. It is not the jar name (that can be called anything you like). In this example it would just be CustomHsm and not CustomHsm.class, or CustomHsm.jar

Restarting the EzSign server will now pick up this custom implementation