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Upgrading Certdog

When upgrading to version 1.6 or above the following steps should be performed

Step 1: Download

Download the new installer zip as per the details given here

Step 2: Stop the services

Open the services snapin and stop the following services:

  • Krestfield Cerdog Service
  • Krestfield Cerdog Database

Certdog Services

(To open the services snapin - click Start, type services and select the Services App)

Step 3: Backup current installation

Rename or move your existing installation as we will be placing the new version at this location (if a rollback is required we will simply move the original folder back)

For example, rename the following folder:




(If Windows complains that the folder cannot be renamed as it is in use, check that the services have stopped and there are no powershell, command prompts or file explorer windows open that are accessing the folder)

Make a note of this new location e.g. c:\certdog.bak as it is required in step 4 below

Step 4: Extract the new version

Extract the contents of the new zip file to the original location. For example:


Step 5: Run the upgrade

Open a PowerShell window as Administrator and navigate to your installations .\install folder e.g.


From the prompt, type .\upgrade.ps1 and press Enter. E.g.

PS C:\certdog\install> .\upgrade.ps1

Krestfield Certdog Upgrade Version 1.7 to Version 1.8

End User Agreement (EULA)
The EULA for this software can be obtained from the following location:

By continuing and installing the software you accept the terms of this license agreement

Type 'y' to accept and continue, any other key to reject: 

Download and examine the EULA referenced. If happy to accept, type y to proceed with the upgrade

Before proceeding ensure you have performed the following:

  1. The following services have been stopped:
     * Krestfield Certdog Database
     * Krestfield CertDog Service
  2. You have moved your current installation to a backup location
     E.g. Rename C:\certdog to C:\certdog.bak
  3. You have unzipped the new installer to the previous installed location E.g. C:\certdog
  4. You are running this script from the new installation C:\certdog\install\upgrade.ps1

For more information see:

Enter the location of your backup (previous certdog installation) location (e.g. c:\certdog.bak): c:\certdog.bak

Copying files from previous installation...
482 File(s) copied
83 File(s) copied
1 File(s) copied
8 File(s) copied
Starting services...
Starting database...
Starting certdog...
Upgrade Complete!

If a message such as the following is seen:

The Krestfield CertDog Service service could not be started.

This may be because the service is taking longer than expected to start the first time. Wait a short period then attempt to access the URL (e.g. anyway. If running OK, then the upgrade has succeeded.

Step 6: Upgrade the ADCS Driver

If you are using the ADCS Driver to interface with the Microsoft CA. You should also perform the following steps:

  • Start Apps and Features. Locate the Certdog ADCS Driver and select Uninstall
  • As an Administrator, run the AdcsDriverInstaller.msifile from the \install\bin directory (e.g. c:\certdog\install\bin\AdcsDriverInstaller.msi)

    This will install the new version of the driver

If after the upgrade, the driver shows as unregistered in the Certdog UI, re-register as follows:

  • Open a PowerShell window as Administrator and navigate to the .\install directory e.g. c:\certdog\install and run the following command: .\configure-adcs-service.ps1

  • Next, from Certdog, select the Agents menu and approve the agent

  • For each of your Microsoft Certificate issuers, click Edit and select the Permitted Agents (which in most cases will just be the one agent)


If anything fails or you wish to revert back to your previous version, perform the following:

Step 1: Open the services snapin and stop the following services:

  • Krestfield Cerdog Database

  • Krestfield Cerdog Service

Step 2: Either move of delete the current certdog installation folder (this will currently contain the upgraded installation) e.g. delete the following folder


If you are just switching between versions or wish to retain the new instance - move or rename the folder (rather than delete) - so it can be moved back to the installation location later

Step 3: Move (or copy) your backed up installation folder to this location. For example, copy




Step 4: Start the services