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Certificate Expiry Reminders

A reminder email can be sent to the certificate owner informing them of upcoming expiry of their certificate

This is configured in the Settings > Email Settings section

Refer to Email Settings for more information on configuring the emails

Reminder Days

You can configure how many days before expiry a user is notified

For example, you may want to inform users that their certificate is expiring 30 days before expiry and that’s all

In this case, in the Email Settings, you would set the Send Notification on Day(s) value to 30

With this configuration a user will receive one email when their certificate has 30 days left before expiring and then no others

If you also wanted to reminder them closer the time e.g. 10 days before expiry, you would set Send Notification on Day(s) value to 30,10

Check Schedule

By default, certificates are checked for expiry once a day at 2:15am

To change this, you must update the following file:

[install location]/config/

Within this file, locate the following section:

# Check for cert expiry at 2:15AM every day
# It you want to change this ensure the cron setting is correct else, you could produce
# many unwanted emails - or none at all...
certexpirycheck.cron=0 15 2 * * ?

And update the certexpirycheck.cron value

Some knowledge of cron settings is required but as an example to change this to 10:15 am every day you would set the following:

certexpirycheck.cron=0 15 10 * * ?

Do not set the cron value to run more than once per day as this will result in multiple emails being sent per day

Always double check and verify any changes. Incorrect changes can result in missed reminders or many unwanted emails being sent