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Certdog - Create a CSR Generator

A CSR Generator is required if you want certdog to generate CSRs on your behalf. If you will only be submitting pre-generated CSRs, you will not need a CSR Generator. But if you wish to generate a certificate from a DN and download a PFX containing the certificate and associated keys, a CSR Generator is required

A CSR Generator is configured with an algorithm, the key size (or elliptic curve name) and a hash algorithm. A CSR Generator is also assigned a name and it is this name that is then specified when requesting a certificate when the system will also be generating the CSR

To create a CSR Generator:

  1. From the UI click on the CSR Generators menu item and click New CSR Generator
  2. Provide a name for the generator and specify the algorithm, key size (or curve if ECDSA is chosen) and the hash algorithm
  3. Click Add