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Certificate Issuers

Certificate Issuers are a combination of

  • A Certificate Authority

  • A Certificate Profile (called a Certificate Template in Microsoft AD CS)

  • And optionally, DN Restrictions

Certificate Issuers enable you to combine these items in order to make certificate issuance simpler and to control what types of certificates can be issued

For example, you could create a Certificate Issuer that combines an Issuing CA with a TLS Profile (or template) with a DN Restriction set that only allows certain domain names. Then refer to this with a name - e.g. TLS Certificates

Teams are given permissions on specific Certificate Issuers meaning you can also control who then has access to request these types of certificates

When you request a certificate you then select the Organisational TLS Certificates issuer and certificates will be issued with the profile selected from the CA specified. The requested DN must also conform to the DN Restriction’s rules

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