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Certdog - DN Restrictions

From version 1.9

The requested DN (Distinguished Name) can be restricted such that only permitted DNs can be issued from a Certificate Issuer

A DN Restriction can be created which will include rules such as what domain names can be requested or which country codes are permitted etc. These restrictions can then be applied to one or more Certificate Issuers

To create a DN Restriction, click on the DN Restrictions menu item and click Add New DN Restriction

Enter a name for the restriction set

The following items are then available

  • Deny Wildcard Domains

    • If checked domain names including ‘*’ are not permitted in either the CN (Common Name) field or the DNS SAN (Subject Alternative Names) entries. For example, if this option is checked a DN of CN=* would be rejected
  • Restrict Domain Names

    • If this item is checked then you may specify an allow list of domains. To do this click on the following panel:


    • Enter the domain you wish to be permitted and click Add:


    • You may add multiple domains

    • If you wish to remove any, select them and click Remove

    • The domains you entered will be allowed - no others will be permitted

    • However, you may permit sub-domains of the specified domains. For example, if you specified as a permitted domain and wished to allow any sub-domains of (including, etc.), check the Allow Sub Domains option. Note that the Deny Wildcard Domains option will still override wildcards in any sub-domains

  • Restrict Organisations

    • If this option is selected you may enter permitted organisations
    • Click the panel to add and remove organisations
  • Restrict Countries

    • If this option is selected you may enter permitted country codes such as GB, US and DE
    • Click the panel to add and remove countries
  • Deny Organisational Unit

    • If this option is selected, the OU field will not be permitted
    • This may be used to support the CA/B Forum ballot SC47V2


Once all items have been entered, click Add

This restriction can now be applied to a Certificate Issuer