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PowerShell Module

This module allows management of the certdog application from the command line, or can be integrated with your own scripts

Running from the Command Line

Open a PowerShell window as Administrator

Navigate to [certdog install]\bin e.g. c:\certdog\bin

Import the module:

Import-Module .\certdog-module.psm1

To view the available commands run:

Get-Command -Module certdog-module

Login with:

login -username [username] -password [password]

Or just type login to be prompted


Show available Certificate Issuers:



Get-Cas | Format-Table

Show available CSR Generators:


Request a certificate from a CSR (provided as a file):

Request-CertP10 -caName "Microsoft TLS" -csrFilename C:\Downloads\server22.certdog.local.csr

Where caName is the issuer name as configured within Certdog. This is the name that will be displayed when the cas command is run (above)

Request a certificate from a CSR (provided as data within a variable):

# Read the CSR data
$csrData = Get-Content C:\Downloads\server22.certdog.local.csr
# Send to Certdog
Request-CertP10 -caName "Microsoft TLS" -csr $csrData

Request a certificate with Certdog creating the CSR:

$cert = Request-Cert -dn "CN=PowerShell Test,C=GB" -caName "Microsoft TLS" -csrGeneratorName "RSA 2048 Generator" -p12Password "password"

Then save as a PFX

Set-Content -Path C:\Downloads\powershell.pfx -Value $cert.p12Data