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EzSign Service - Silent Install

Version 1.4

January 2021

The EzSign service is installed using the .msi installer package

But, if automating a build, it can also be installed silently using the msiexec command, as outlined below


Before installing EzSign, ensure that the following are in place:

  • Any HSM client software is installed and the HSM has been configured with the correct passphrases and security world
  • If you choose to use your own instance of Java, ensure it has been installed (Java 14 is bundled with the service but you may use any version from 8u241)
  • If you are storing your logs and/or keystore files in a location other than the defaults - ensure these folders have been created and the permissions on the folders are correct (to permit write from the service)
  • If re-using any previous EzSign property files, ensure they are available


  • Step 1

    Open or start a PowerShell instance as Administrator

  • Step 2

    Run the following command

    msiexec /i EzSignServiceInstallerV1.4.msi /qn /norestart

    This will perform the install without any interaction
    Note: To create a log file of the installation, add the /l*v [Log File] switch. E.g.

    msiexec /i EzSignServiceInstallerV1.4.msi /l*v C:\ezsign_install_log.txt /qn /norestart

    To install in a specific directory (other than C:\Program Files etc.), add the TARGETDIR switch, as follows:

    msiexec /i EzSignServiceInstallerV1.4.msi TARGETDIR="E:\EzSignService" /qn /norestart
  • Step 3

    To Start the service after install, run:

    Start-Service "Krestfield EzSign Service"

    You can view the status of the service by running the following:

    PS C:\> Get-Service "Krestfield EzSign Service"
    Status   Name               DisplayName
    ------   ----               -----------
    Running  Krestfield EzSi... Krestfield EzSign Service


Configuration may then continue as normal. But to automate this part, you may copy the relevant properties and keystore files before starting the service. I.e. after step 2 above

The files that may need to be copied are:

  • The Service Properties

    This is, by default stored here:


    It contains information relating to the location of java, keystores, the service configuration and the location of the EzSign instance properties

  • The Server Instances Properties Files

    By default, these are held here:

    C:\Program Files\Krestfield\EzSign Service\EzSign\config

    But can be anywhere on the file system. You can view their location from the the configuration utility:


  • Keystore files

    This is referenced in the properties file mentioned above e.g. in the above example, the following file is referenced:

    C:\Program Files\Krestfield\EzSign Service\EzSign\config\

    Within this file there will be an entry as follows:

    keyStoreDir=C:/keystores Forward slash is required in the properties file

    It is this location (C:\keystores) including sub-directories and their contents that need to be copied over

    Note: If you are creating new keys and certificates it is not required to copy the contents or sub-directories across. But the folder (C:\keystores) should be present

Once all relevant files are in place you can continue to start the Service as outlined in step 3 above


To uninstall silently, the following command may be run

msiexec /x EzSignServiceInstallerV1.4.msi /qn