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EzSign Java Versions

The latest versions of EzSign operate on java versions from 8 upwards

Java SE and OpenJDK versions are supported

If you are using a PKCS#11 token (including Thales Luna, nCipher and Utimaco) then the following restrictions apply:

  • For EzSign versions up to 3.1.5 only java versions up to 8u231 (released October 2019) are supported
    • If you wish to use a more recent java runtime (i.e. 8u241 and later) you must upgrade to EzSign 4.1.2 or later
  • EzSign versions 4.1.2 and later require Java 8u241 or later

For other key stores, including the Thales PayShield and Software key stores, this does not apply

For more information contact Krestfield Support: