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Refresh Azure Key Vault Credentials

If when using an Azure Key Vault Token type, you receive an error such as:

2022-11-24 10:31:40.391 [main] ERROR EzSignLog - Max retries 3 times exceeded. Error Details: AADSTS7000222: The provided client secret keys for app '7412f649-8e14-471f-bfc1-733b36a42705' are expired

This indicates that your credentials have expired. These can be refreshed as follows:

Refresh the Token in Azure

Login to the Azure Portal and from the console, navigate to Azure Active Directory and select App Registrations from the left hand menu

Click All applications and locate the application configured in EzSign

Azure Apps

This will have the same Application (client) ID as specified in the EzSign channel.1.token.azureKeyVault.clientId property

Click on this application

From the top row, click the Cloud shell icon which should start the shell. If you are asked to create a storage account, click OK

From the shell type the following command:

az ad sp create-for-rbac -n [App Name Registered] --skip-assignment

Where [App Name Registered] is the Display name of the app you clicked on above (e.g. ezsign2)

This will output new credentials e.g.

	"appId": "fd94f971-ebd9-4a32-a56e-97427655429e", 
	"displayName": "ezsign2", 
	"name": "http://ezsign2", 
	"password": "nScc7-6T.gOI7.ugHawFRRoUbwUA_agrC-", 
	"tenant": "d10c2e35-390b-4343-9fb3-36524a35717c" 

All the settings should be the same as previously configured, except the password entry would have changed

Set the new password in EzSign

Now, start the utility, choose the Set Passwords option and set this password as the new Token password for the channel. Note that you must enter the password minus the quotes i.e. enter nScc7-6T.gOI7.ugHawFRRoUbwUA_agrC- and not "nScc7-6T.gOI7.ugHawFRRoUbwUA_agrC-"

Restart the EzSign server and authentication to Azure should now complete OK