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Demo QuickStart Setup Guide

From version: 1.8.0


  • An internet connection (as additional components may be downloaded)
  • .NET v4.8 runtime
  • Administrator privileges
  • Windows Server 2016/2019/2022
  • Windows 10/11


  1. Locate the file to download from here

  2. For Windows environments, right click the zip file (e.g., choose Properties and tick the Unblock check box (if present). Depending on your security settings, this will prevent several prompts when running the scripts

  3. Unzip to a location on your drive e.g. if you unzip to C:\ you will end up with a directory C:\certdogfree (but you can place this anywhere on your system)

For RedHat install instructions, see the steps here

For Debian install instructions, see the steps here


Open a PowerShell as Administrator, navigate to the certdogfree\install directory and run:


Login with the username and password that will be displayed at the end of the installation

Note that a default TLS certificate is configured for You can issue a new TLS certificate to replace this or temporarily install the root from here: .\certdogfree\config\sslcerts\dbssl_root.cer

If you hit any issues, see the troubleshooting guide here

Full Documentation: