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Thales PayShield Error Codes

The following lists the possible error codes that may be returned by the Thales PayShield (HSM 9000/10k) when utilised by EzSign

Code Description
00 No error
01 Verification failure or warning of imported key parity error
02 Key inappropriate length for algorithm
04 Invalid key type code
05 Invalid key length flag
10 Source key parity error
11 Destination key parity error or key all zeros
12 Contents of user storage not available. Reset, power-down or overwrite
13 Invalid LMK Identifier
14 PIN encrypted under LMK pair 02-03 is invalid
15 Invalid input data (invalid format, invalid characters, or not enough data provided)
16 Console or printer not ready or not connected
17 HSM not authorized, or operation prohibited by security settings
18 Document format definition not loaded
19 Specified Diebold Table is invalid
20 PIN block does not contain valid values
21 Invalid index value, or index/block count would cause an overflow condition
22 Invalid account number
23 Invalid PIN block format code. (Use includes where the security setting to implement PCI HSM limitations on PIN Block format usage is applied, and a Host command attempts to convert a PIN Block to a disallowed format.)
24 PIN is fewer than 4 or more than 12 digits in length
25 Decimalization Table error
26 Invalid key scheme
27 Incompatible key length
28 Invalid key type
29 Key function not permitted
30 Invalid reference number
31 Insufficient solicitation entries for batch
32 LIC007 (AES) not installed
33 LMK key change storage is corrupted
39 Fraud detection
40 Invalid checksum
41 Internal hardware/software error: bad RAM, invalid error codes, etc.
42 DES failure
43 RSA Key Generation Failure
47 Algorithm not licensed
49 Private key error, report to supervisor
51 Invalid message header
65 Transaction Key Scheme set to None
67 Command not licensed
68 Command has been disabled
69 PIN block format has been disabled
74 Invalid digest info syntax (no hash mode only)
75 Single length key masquerading as double or triple length key
76 Public key length error
77 Clear data block error
78 Private key length error
79 Hash algorithm object identifier error
80 Data length error. The amount of MAC data (or other data) is greater than or less than the expected amount.
81 Invalid certificate header
82 Invalid check value length
83 Key block format error
84 Key block check value error
85 Invalid OAEP Mask Generation Function
86 Invalid OAEP MGF Hash Function
87 OAEP Parameter Error
90 Data parity error in the request message received by the HSM
91 Longitudinal Redundancy Check (LRC) character does not match the value computed over the input data (when the HSM has received a transparent async packet)
92 The Count value (for the Command/Data field) is not between limits, or is not correct (when the HSM has received a transparent async packet)
A1 Incompatible LMK schemes
A2 Incompatible LMK identifiers
A3 Incompatible keyblock LMK identifiers
A4 Key block authentication failure
A5 Incompatible key length
A6 Invalid key usage
A7 Invalid algorithm
A8 Invalid mode of use
A9 Invalid key version number
AA Invalid export field
AB Invalid number of optional blocks
AC Optional header block error
AD Key status optional block error
AE Invalid start date/time
AF Invalid end date/time
B0 Invalid encryption mode
B1 Invalid authentication mode
B2 Miscellaneous keyblock error
B3 Invalid number of optional blocks
B4 Optional block data error
B5 Incompatible components
B6 Incompatible key status optional blocks
B7 Invalid change field
B8 Invalid old value
B9 Invalid new value
BA No key status block in the keyblock
BB Invalid wrapping key
BC Repeated optional block
BD Incompatible key types
BE Invalid keyblock header ID