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EJBCA - End Entity Profile Setup

This example demonstrates how to create an End Entity profile for use with certdog

Navigate to the EJBCA Administration console (e.g. https://myhostname:8443/ejbca/adminweb)

Under RA Functions, select End Entity Profiles

Under Add Profile, enter a name for the profile e.g. CERTDOG_PROFILE, click Add, then select this profile from the list and click Edit End Entity Profile

Ensure that at least the Common Name subject attribute is present, but set as modifiable and not required:


Under Main certificate data, select the certificate profile(s) (e.g. CERTDOG_TLS) and the CA(s) you wish to issue your certificates

For available tokens, leave at the defaults

For information, when certdog calls EJBCA, certdog creates the CSR - this requires that User Generated is available


Scroll to the bottom and click Save