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Manually Upgrading Certdog

To upgrade to a new version of Certdog you may

  • Simply uninstall the old and install the new version
    • This will not retain any settings - you will end up with a new, blank installation of the later version
    • This may be useful if you are building your configurations using automation and also do not need to retain any existing data (existing certificates)
    • This may also be the best option for test instances when you just want to dispose of the old versions
  • Perform an in-place upgrade
    • This option overwrites the existing installation with the new files but retains all of the data and settings

Option 1: Uninstall the old and Install the new version

Follow the guide here to uninstall your existing installation

If you wish to retain the data, in case of future use, follow the guide here to backup

Follow the guide here to install the new version

Option 2: In Place Upgrade


Essentially, we will backup the current installation then replace the following file and folder:

[certdog installation]\tomcat\webapps\certdog#api.war
[certdog installation]\tomcat\webapps\certdog#ui

With those from the new version’s zip

STEP 1 - Stop Certdog

On Windows, open the services snapin and stop Krestfield Certdog Service

(On other OS’s, either stop Tomcat or use the stop-certdog or stop-tomcat scripts)

On Windows, open the services snapin and stop Krestfield Certdog Database

(On other OS’s, stop mongo using the command line option db.shutdownServer()or service options service mongod stop)

STEP 2 - Backup

Backup the following folder:

[certdog installation]\tomcat\webapps

Also backup the database by following the guide here

STEP 3 - Delete Existing Files

From your existing installation, navigate to:

[certdog installation]\tomcat\webapps

It should look like this

File Structure

Delete the following folders


And delete the following file


STEP - 4

Unzip the new version’s media, navigate to this unzipped location here:

[new media location]\certdog\tomcat\webapps\

Copy the following folder:


And the following file:


To your current installation here:

[certdog installation]\tomcat\webapps

STEP - 5

Start Certdog

Verification and Rollback

Attempt to login as per normal to Certdog

Confirm the version as follows:

From the menu select Settings then choosing the Settings sub menu

The System Information should display:

  • UI Version
  • API Version

Verify these are as expected

If a rollback is required, perform the following:

  • Stop Certdog

  • Replace the following folder:

[certdog installation]\tomcat\webapps
  • With the version backed up

  • Restore the database as per the guide here

  • Start Certdog