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The Certdog REST API

All functions (including all administrative operations) can be carried out via the REST API

These functions are described in the Swagger UI

See here for examples of calling the API


The available REST API functions can be viewed using the Swagger UI as follows:

Ensure that certdog is running. Open a browser and navigate to:

​ https://endpoint/certdog/api/swagger-ui/index.html

Note: For versions before 1.7.0, it was located here:

​ https://endpoint/certdog/api/swagger-ui.html

The online version is available here. This test instance is available during 8am and 8pm UK time


​ (Previously:

If you see something like the following:

Swagger API

Then everything should be working OK

Scroll down and all of the API methods should be presented

Trying out the API

Scroll down to the login-controller and expand the tab. Click Try it out


Enter values for the username and password and click Execute. Scroll down to the response:


Copy the value returned for token, scroll up to the top of the page and click image-20210121153547479


Paste in the value for token copied from the response above and click Authorize then Close

You can now try out the other methods (that require authorization)