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Teams group users and permissions together

A team manages the permissions for Certificate Issuers and dictates whether members are administrators or standard users

By default, one team exists called Admin Team

You may add, remove or edit teams as per your requirements. However, generally, it is advisable to maintain a single administrator team (rather than multiple) and have separate teams for specific Certificate Issuer access

This will enable you to quickly search and view users with administrative privileges on the system. If a user requires administrative access, they can then be added to this one team

Add a Team

Select Teams from the menu, click Add New Team


Enter a name and optionally, a description

Select the Certificate Issuers that you want to be available to members of this team

If you wish to make everyone in this team an administrator, select the Administrator option

Click Add

Add a User to a Team

Click Users from the menu

Search for and click on the User then select Edit


Select the teams from the Teams list. Multiple teams may be selected (in windows you can select multiple by holding down CTRL, on Mac OS you hold down the Command Key). Click Update

Note that if a user is already a member of any teams their resulting permissions will be displayed beside Current Certificate Issuers. This view is only updated once the user has been added to a team (it will not change as you select the teams from the list)

If you wish to change your own permissions

  1. Click the image-20210109153916067 icon and select Profile

  2. Select the Teams you wish to be a member of
  3. Click Update

If a user is not a member of any Team, they will be able to logon to the system and view certificates but not request certificates nor make any changes to the system